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We are glad to provide ROOF CLEANING SUGARLAND service for this beautiful suburb of Houston.  Just 19 miles southwest of downtown Houston, Imperial Sugar has headquarters here.  In fact, the Imperial Sugar crown logo is featured in the city seal and logo.  This fast growing community now has a population of over 120,000 residents.  Large scale master plan communities contribute significantly to population growth with as much as 46% job growth.  With all this fast pace growth, ROOF CLEANING SUGARLAND becomes a vital service to keep this beautiful community looking fresh and attractive.


With our ROOF CLEANING SUGARLAND we have noticed that there are, for the most part, two roof types.  The two most common roof types are shingle and tile.  Shingle roofing consists of two layers.  There is a base layer which usually consists of asphalt, and the top layer has granules.  These granules could be made of slate, quartz, brick, stone or schist.  Tile roofing is traditionally made from local materials such as terracotta or slate.  Modern materials such as concrete and plastic are also possible, and some clay tiles have a waterproof glaze.



It is critically important that any cleaning contractor understands the roof makeup.  There are strict manufacturer’s guidelines that void the roof warranty if not cleaned according to standards.  Most roofs include a warranty of twenty to thirty years, depending on the roof type and manufacturer.  Our ROOF CLEANING SUGARLAND service will not void your warranty and will prevent premature replacement costs.  There are many residents who end up replacing their roof when professional cleaning would return the roof to it’s original condition and color.  Keeping your roof cleaned over time will extend the life span of the roof by many, many years.


To ensure no damage occurs, we do not pressure wash the roof, nor do we ever recommend it.  Instead, we use a soft wash method and in most cases, do not walk on the roof.  With professional grade equipment and over twenty years of experience, we are able to spray the roof from ground areas.  We use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe for you, your plants, landscaping, and pets. Our soft wash method removes those ugly black streaks and returns your roof to like new color and condition.  In addition to the video below, here is a LINK to additional benefits of roof cleaning!




We encourage you to contact us for all your ROOF CLEANING SUGARLAND service needs.  Call 281-853-8697 to request a free estimate.  We are FULLY INSURED and affiliated with the UAMCC.



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ROOF CLEANING ATASCOCITA is a specialty of ours!  We have come to greatly admire the Atascocita community with unique opportunities for fishing and golfing.  The population has doubled in the last twenty years, and it will be exciting to see what the 2020 census holds for this charming community.  Record setting growth means many new homes and businesses now in need of ROOF CLEANING ATASCOCITA.


Many people fail to realized they are saving literally thousands of dollars with ROOF CLEANING ATASCOCITA service.  This is because roof cleaning extends the life cycle of roof, preventing premature replacement costs.  Most roofs have a life span of 20-30 years.  Yet this life span is cut in half because it is not cleaned on a regular basis.


Roofing manufacturers have certain guidelines that must be followed so that the warranty is not voided.  This includes cleaning methods that must be avoided so that damage does not occur.  High pressure can easily cause damage, which is why we always only use a SOFT WASH method for ROOF CLEANING ATASCOCITA.  Using less pressure than a garden hose, we apply a roof cleaning solution that contains bleach, water, and a specially formulated roof cleaning soap that contains seven different ingredients. It kills algae on contact, and returns the roof back to its natural and original color. Even the lowest pressures of pressure washers will cause granule lose, which damages the roof, shortens the life span, and voids any remaining warranty you have on the roof.


One of the many advantages of ROOF CLEANING ATASCOCITA is protection of your property value.  Should you ever decide to sell your home, your property value will greatly increase with a clean, natural looking roof.  It enhances curb appeal, and might even inspire neighbors to keep their roof clean as well.  The entire neighborhood benefits from higher property values resulting from exterior cleaning.  Call or text pictures to 281-853-8697 for a FREE ESTIMATE.  We are Certified Roof Cleaning company and Fully Insured.


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In today’s economy, people are continually attempting to find more and more ways to save money.  Many people do not realize how many advantages of roof cleaning there are to regularly scheduled roof cleaning. Most families make sure their clothes, their bodies, their cars, and the inside of their homes are cleaned regularly.  However, the roof of the home is the most neglected aspect when it comes to cleaning.  Just look around your neighborhood and you’ll see what I mean!

advantages of roof cleaning

Financial Savings

Cleaning your roof means that it will last much longer, avoiding premature replacement costs.  When the roof is not cleaned regularly and properly, the darker stains attracts and retains heat.  This drives up the monthly cost to keep the home cool.  A roof with algae stains contributes to the possibility and a greater degree of sickness due to air born pathogens.  In fact, there is some insurance companies that threaten to cancel your homeowners policy if they discover you have not properly maintained your roof.  Over the long haul, the resale value of your home is higher when the roof is maintained and kept looking it’s best.  It serves both an aesthetic and practical purpose that results in financial savings.


Believe it or not, there are even more advantages beyond financial savings.  One of the most practical benefits is that neighbors appreciate the more pleasant visual appeal from their view.  In fact, in some cases they even become inspired to have their own roof cleaned, which benefits the entire neighborhood.  There is also the greater sense of pride and appreciation you have for your own home when you see a clean roof.

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Kingwood Roof Cleaning

Kingwood Roof Cleaning

For those searching for Kingwood Roof Cleaning we welcome you to our web site.  Our company has been cleaning roofs for well over 30 years.  We take pride in the service we offer, and look forward to cleaning your roof.  Always know that our number one goal is to protect your property from any type of damage.   We strive to always make the process as easy as possible, on you.

If you are considering having your roof cleaned, you may want to know where the roof stains come from.  The ugly black stains on your roof come from our environment.  It is basically an algae that lands on your roof.  Roof Algae then spreads vertically up your roof.  These roof stains love our warm humid environment.  Eventually they can take over your roof and you never see the original color of your roof again.

Never use a Pressure Washer for Roof Cleaning

Fortunately our Kingwood Roof Cleaning service is able to safely remove these Roof Stains.  I never use a pressure washer to clean a roof. Pressure Washing a roof is strictly advised against by roofing supply manufacture’s.  We always follow manufacture guidelines and use the recommended cleaning products no matter what surface we are cleaning.  Our process of cleaning exterior surfaces is  Soft Wash cleaning methods, so risk of damage is eliminated.

kingwood roof cleaning

Our company is a Certified Roof Cleaning Company and have been servicing Kingwood Texas or over 15 years.   When choosing a Roof Cleaning company I advise to make sure they carry the proper insurance.  Always confirm with the insurance company that their insurance is valid.

Affordable Roof Cleaning of Texas can be reach by calling or texting 281-853-8697.  You may also fill out our Free Estimate form. We invite you to visit our You Tube Channel and subscribe.


Roof Cleaning service for Kingwood Tx, The Woodlands Tx, Bellaire Tx, West University Tx, and all of Houston Texas

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When it comes to providing ROOF CLEANING HUMBLE TEXAS service, there are many reasons to rely upon AFFORDABLE ROOF CLEANING OF TEXAS.  With over twenty five years of experience, they possess the expertise and professional grade equipment to provide stunning visual results.  Fully trained and certified through the UAMCC, they operate within all federal, state and local regulations.  In addition, they take every safety precaution necessary to protect their team and the persons they are serving.  Look no further than ARCOT for ROOF CLEANING HUMBLE TEXAS to get your roof back to its original color.


We always recommend SOFT WASH for ROOF CLEANING HUMBLE TEXAS.  Using high volumes of water pressure can easily cause extensive damage to the surface.  Regardless of the type or style of roof on your home or business, we use less pressure than a garden hose to protect the structure and integrity of the roof.   We apply a roof cleaning solution that contains bleach, water, and a specially formulated roof cleaning soap that contains seven different ingredients.  The roof returns to its original color because algae is killed upon contact.  It’s important to remember that using high pressure water volume to clean a roof usually voids the manufacturer’s warranty.


Consider some of the many benefits of our ROOF CLEANING HUMBLE TEXAS service.  A clean roof will contribute to higher property values. especially when the entire neighborhood follows suit.  The lifespan of your roof will be longer with ARCOT’s services, which will helps prevent premature erosion and replacement costs.  It enhances curb appeal and creates a warmer and more inviting look for homes and businesses.  Neighbors appreciate the new, fresh look of clean roofs and may be inspired to do the same.  It also increases the sense of pride and joy you feel in your own property.