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Before we get to FOUR REASONS TO CLEAN A ROOF, be sure you understand roof cleaning methods.  Affordable Roof Cleaning of Texas advises all customers to never allow anyone to pressure wash the roof.  Instead, insist that your roof cleaning service use a SOFT WASH CLEANING METHOD.  This ensures that no damage occurs to the surface of the roof.  You will also want to insist on proof for complete pressure washing insurance coverage.  So here are FOUR REASONS TO CLEAN A ROOF.  



The roof is one of the first things people notice when they drive by or visit your home.  A clean roof projects a far warmer and more inviting atmosphere that welcomes family and friends as guests in your home.  And it even sends a positive community messages to strangers.  A clean roof enhances overall aesthetics, making the entire home look fresh and attractive.



A clean roof prevents bacteria from digging into and eating away at your tiles and shingles.  If left unchecked, those black ugly streaks that appear will result in two things.  First, you’ll end up with leaks that will require costly repairs.  Second, the overall lifespan of the roof will be reduced.  So you will end up paying thousands of dollars in premature replacement cost.  Most roofs are designed to last approximately 15-20 years.  In addition, most roofs comes with a manufacture’s warranty with specific cleaning guidelines.  In most cases, the warranty is null and void if cleaning specifications are not followed.  So make sure you get maximum years from your roof by keeping it clean at regular intervals.


A well maintained roof will not only save money over time, but it will add to the value of your home when it’s time to sell.  In fact, if the entire neighborhood maintains a clean roof, then everyone benefits and property values rise for all.  Usually, when the roof is not maintained, you will also notice the house, driveways, and sidewalks are also  covered with dirt, grime, and grease.  Property value suffers when neighborhoods don’t look their best.


The dark streaks and stains which accumulate over time attract heat from the sun.  This is heat is then absorbed and transferred into the home.  Unfortunately, your air conditioning is forced to work even harder, resulting in energy costs increasing.


We provide exceptional roof cleaning service for residential and commercial properties.  Call 281-883-8470 for more information and to request a free estimate.  We are proudly affiliated through the UAMCC.



by Dean Dean


Houston Professional Roof Cleaning

HOUSTON PROFESSIONAL ROOF CLEANING is a service that will add value to residential and commercial properties. So with our extensive experience and expertise, we can ensure that your roof is cleaned effectively, properly, and safely without causing damage. It will help improve the longevity or life span of the roof, saving money in premature replacement costs. Thus, if your roof is not cleaned often and well maintained, the result will be algae and moss build up. Along with debris and other factors, moisture accumulates and serious damage is the result. HOUSTON PROFESSIONAL ROOF CLEANING prevents leaks and other damage from occurring.

Houston Professional Roof Cleaning


If you are a homeowner, our roof treatment benefits come in a variety of ways. First and foremost, the overall look and visual impression of your home will greatly improve. Roof stains leave homes looking dark with streaks and blotches that capture attention of friends and neighbors driving by. In addition, we use a SOFT WASHING method which protects landscaping and gardens from damage and discoloration. When you hire us for any exterior cleaning, you might also consider adding our affordable gutter brightening service as well. It will brighten up your entire home and you may consider a house wash in the future.


While business owners have similar concerns about their structures as homeowners, there are unique challenges for commercial properties. For example, commercial roofing systems vary in size and roof type, with most being much larger. In addition, it’s important for businesses that HOUSTON PROFESSIONAL ROOF CLEANING not impede customers or client traffic. This means you may want to schedule our service during non business hours. Perhaps evenings, overnights, or weekends will work best. Business owners want to ensure their entire building remains bright, clean, and attractive to potential clients and customers. And the roof is usually the first thing the public notices. In other words, the roof will most likely form the first impression of what your company is like.


Regularly scheduled roof cleaning sends a message to the public that you are committed to excellence and pay attention to detail. We also provide stunning visual results with building and window washing service. This will bring the entire structure back to life and looking fresh, attractive and new again.

We have extensive experience with HOUSTON PROFESSIONAL ROOF CLEANING for commercial properties. Banks, restaurants, schools, and hospitals are just a few examples. We specialize in Senior living facilities, apartment complexes, recreational structures and surfaces, and a host of other facility types.  


We would welcome the opportunity to provide a FREE ESTIMATE for your HOUSTON PROFESSIONAL ROOF CLEANING needs. Call or text (281) 853-8697 TODAY! We are fully insured and certified through the UAMCC.