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Houston Professional Roof Cleaning

HOUSTON PROFESSIONAL ROOF CLEANING is a service that will add value to residential and commercial properties. So with our extensive experience and expertise, we can ensure that your roof is cleaned effectively, properly, and safely without causing damage. It will help improve the longevity or life span of the roof, saving money in premature replacement costs. Thus, if your roof is not cleaned often and well maintained, the result will be algae and moss build up. Along with debris and other factors, moisture accumulates and serious damage is the result. HOUSTON PROFESSIONAL ROOF CLEANING prevents leaks and other damage from occurring.

Houston Professional Roof Cleaning


If you are a homeowner, our roof treatment benefits come in a variety of ways. First and foremost, the overall look and visual impression of your home will greatly improve. Roof stains leave homes looking dark with streaks and blotches that capture attention of friends and neighbors driving by. In addition, we use a SOFT WASHING method which protects landscaping and gardens from damage and discoloration. When you hire us for any exterior cleaning, you might also consider adding our affordable gutter brightening service as well. It will brighten up your entire home and you may consider a house wash in the future.


While business owners have similar concerns about their structures as homeowners, there are unique challenges for commercial properties. For example, commercial roofing systems vary in size and roof type, with most being much larger. In addition, it’s important for businesses that HOUSTON PROFESSIONAL ROOF CLEANING not impede customers or client traffic. This means you may want to schedule our service during non business hours. Perhaps evenings, overnights, or weekends will work best. Business owners want to ensure their entire building remains bright, clean, and attractive to potential clients and customers. And the roof is usually the first thing the public notices. In other words, the roof will most likely form the first impression of what your company is like.


Regularly scheduled roof cleaning sends a message to the public that you are committed to excellence and pay attention to detail. We also provide stunning visual results with building and window washing service. This will bring the entire structure back to life and looking fresh, attractive and new again.

We have extensive experience with HOUSTON PROFESSIONAL ROOF CLEANING for commercial properties. Banks, restaurants, schools, and hospitals are just a few examples. We specialize in Senior living facilities, apartment complexes, recreational structures and surfaces, and a host of other facility types.  


We would welcome the opportunity to provide a FREE ESTIMATE for your HOUSTON PROFESSIONAL ROOF CLEANING needs. Call or text (281) 853-8697 TODAY! We are fully insured and certified through the UAMCC.

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It’s an exciting an exciting season of life when you decide to sell your home.  It’s usually due to an employment opportunity that will provide a higher income.  It can also be the result of losing a loved one, divorce, or perhaps just a desire to downsize now that you have raised your family.  Now that you have decided to sell your home, it will mean preparing it for potential buyers.  Of course, you will want to put your best foot forward in order to get the most from your investment in terms of real dollars. As the title indicates, Clean Roofs Sell Houses.

clean roofs sell houses


Family, friends, neighbors and real estate experts will most likely provide more suggestions than you can implement.  Here are some of the most common suggestions for preparing the inside.  Get rid of the clutter.  Remove personal photos.  And present an image that will allow the general public to visualize their own belongings and pictures there.  Of course, consider paint and removing scuff marks and stains one way or another.  Make sure handles and doorknobs are tight and all electrical and plumbing issues resolved.  Consider utilizing plants, and of course, clean and deodorize.


But be sure to factor in the importance of exterior cleaning, since curb appeal is vital.  After all, the outside is the first impression they form of their potential new home.  In addition to a house wash and concrete cleaning, we highly recommend a clean roof.  CLEAN ROOFS SELL HOUSES because it is often the very first thing they notice.  If the roof is dark and dingy with streaks and stains, it is an automatic turn off.  CLEAN ROOFS SELL HOUSES because potential buyers often equate a dirty roof with replacement costs they will bear.  And CLEAN ROOFS SELL HOUSES because it really does add sparkle and shine to the rest of the property.

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ROOF CLEANING ATASCOCITA is a specialty of ours!  We have come to greatly admire the Atascocita community with unique opportunities for fishing and golfing.  The population has doubled in the last twenty years, and it will be exciting to see what the 2020 census holds for this charming community.  Record setting growth means many new homes and businesses now in need of ROOF CLEANING ATASCOCITA.


Many people fail to realized they are saving literally thousands of dollars with ROOF CLEANING ATASCOCITA service.  This is because roof cleaning extends the life cycle of roof, preventing premature replacement costs.  Most roofs have a life span of 20-30 years.  Yet this life span is cut in half because it is not cleaned on a regular basis.


Roofing manufacturers have certain guidelines that must be followed so that the warranty is not voided.  This includes cleaning methods that must be avoided so that damage does not occur.  High pressure can easily cause damage, which is why we always only use a SOFT WASH method for ROOF CLEANING ATASCOCITA.  Using less pressure than a garden hose, we apply a roof cleaning solution that contains bleach, water, and a specially formulated roof cleaning soap that contains seven different ingredients. It kills algae on contact, and returns the roof back to its natural and original color. Even the lowest pressures of pressure washers will cause granule lose, which damages the roof, shortens the life span, and voids any remaining warranty you have on the roof.


One of the many advantages of ROOF CLEANING ATASCOCITA is protection of your property value.  Should you ever decide to sell your home, your property value will greatly increase with a clean, natural looking roof.  It enhances curb appeal, and might even inspire neighbors to keep their roof clean as well.  The entire neighborhood benefits from higher property values resulting from exterior cleaning.  Call or text pictures to 281-853-8697 for a FREE ESTIMATE.  We are Certified Roof Cleaning company and Fully Insured.


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In today’s economy, people are continually attempting to find more and more ways to save money.  Many people do not realize how many advantages of roof cleaning there are to regularly scheduled roof cleaning. Most families make sure their clothes, their bodies, their cars, and the inside of their homes are cleaned regularly.  However, the roof of the home is the most neglected aspect when it comes to cleaning.  Just look around your neighborhood and you’ll see what I mean!

advantages of roof cleaning

Financial Savings

Cleaning your roof means that it will last much longer, avoiding premature replacement costs.  When the roof is not cleaned regularly and properly, the darker stains attracts and retains heat.  This drives up the monthly cost to keep the home cool.  A roof with algae stains contributes to the possibility and a greater degree of sickness due to air born pathogens.  In fact, there is some insurance companies that threaten to cancel your homeowners policy if they discover you have not properly maintained your roof.  Over the long haul, the resale value of your home is higher when the roof is maintained and kept looking it’s best.  It serves both an aesthetic and practical purpose that results in financial savings.


Believe it or not, there are even more advantages beyond financial savings.  One of the most practical benefits is that neighbors appreciate the more pleasant visual appeal from their view.  In fact, in some cases they even become inspired to have their own roof cleaned, which benefits the entire neighborhood.  There is also the greater sense of pride and appreciation you have for your own home when you see a clean roof.

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Kingwood Roof Cleaning

Kingwood Roof Cleaning

For those searching for Kingwood Roof Cleaning we welcome you to our web site.  Our company has been cleaning roofs for well over 30 years.  We take pride in the service we offer, and look forward to cleaning your roof.  Always know that our number one goal is to protect your property from any type of damage.   We strive to always make the process as easy as possible, on you.

If you are considering having your roof cleaned, you may want to know where the roof stains come from.  The ugly black stains on your roof come from our environment.  It is basically an algae that lands on your roof.  Roof Algae then spreads vertically up your roof.  These roof stains love our warm humid environment.  Eventually they can take over your roof and you never see the original color of your roof again.

Never use a Pressure Washer for Roof Cleaning

Fortunately our Kingwood Roof Cleaning service is able to safely remove these Roof Stains.  I never use a pressure washer to clean a roof. Pressure Washing a roof is strictly advised against by roofing supply manufacture’s.  We always follow manufacture guidelines and use the recommended cleaning products no matter what surface we are cleaning.  Our process of cleaning exterior surfaces is  Soft Wash cleaning methods, so risk of damage is eliminated.

kingwood roof cleaning

Our company is a Certified Roof Cleaning Company and have been servicing Kingwood Texas or over 15 years.   When choosing a Roof Cleaning company I advise to make sure they carry the proper insurance.  Always confirm with the insurance company that their insurance is valid.

Affordable Roof Cleaning of Texas can be reach by calling or texting 281-853-8697.  You may also fill out our Free Estimate form. We invite you to visit our You Tube Channel and subscribe.


Roof Cleaning service for Kingwood Tx, The Woodlands Tx, Bellaire Tx, West University Tx, and all of Houston Texas

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When it comes to providing ROOF CLEANING HUMBLE TEXAS service, there are many reasons to rely upon AFFORDABLE ROOF CLEANING OF TEXAS.  With over twenty five years of experience, they possess the expertise and professional grade equipment to provide stunning visual results.  Fully trained and certified through the UAMCC, they operate within all federal, state and local regulations.  In addition, they take every safety precaution necessary to protect their team and the persons they are serving.  Look no further than ARCOT for ROOF CLEANING HUMBLE TEXAS to get your roof back to its original color.


We always recommend SOFT WASH for ROOF CLEANING HUMBLE TEXAS.  Using high volumes of water pressure can easily cause extensive damage to the surface.  Regardless of the type or style of roof on your home or business, we use less pressure than a garden hose to protect the structure and integrity of the roof.   We apply a roof cleaning solution that contains bleach, water, and a specially formulated roof cleaning soap that contains seven different ingredients.  The roof returns to its original color because algae is killed upon contact.  It’s important to remember that using high pressure water volume to clean a roof usually voids the manufacturer’s warranty.


Consider some of the many benefits of our ROOF CLEANING HUMBLE TEXAS service.  A clean roof will contribute to higher property values. especially when the entire neighborhood follows suit.  The lifespan of your roof will be longer with ARCOT’s services, which will helps prevent premature erosion and replacement costs.  It enhances curb appeal and creates a warmer and more inviting look for homes and businesses.  Neighbors appreciate the new, fresh look of clean roofs and may be inspired to do the same.  It also increases the sense of pride and joy you feel in your own property.

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Huffman Texas Roof Cleaning

Huffman Texas Roof Cleaning

This past month our Huffman Texas Roof Cleaning crew was busy soft wash cleaning a roof to remove those black algae stains that are caused by our warm moist humid environment.  We had last cleaned the roof on this home back in 2014 and as you can tell in the picture it was in need of a roof cleaning again.

This home is located in the beautiful subdivision of The Commons of Lake Houston in Huffman, Tx.  This neighborhood is known for it gorgeous tree shaded homes. It is one of my favorite neighborhoods to work in.  I love how the homes have plenty of space between them for privacy, yet close enough in case you want to visit.

Huffman Texas Roof Cleaning

Huffman Texas Roof Cleaning

The homes in The Commons of Lake Houston come in all different sizes and shapes and is definitely not a cookie cutter style neighborhood.  Often times I am able to provide an estimate for a roof cleaning by measuring it online using software that allows us to do that.  All the homes are all uniquely built, and many have beautiful shade trees blocking our view.  I often need to go out and actually put a visual to obtain an accurate quote.  I really don’t mind though, as it always gives me a chance to see the beautiful homes in the neighborhood.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Services

Our soft wash roof cleaning equipment can also be used for cleaning your home’s exterior surfaces. We can remove years of built up grime and algae stains.  When we clean your Huffman Texas home or roof we do not use high pressure.  Everything is cleaned softly so there is no risk of damaging the surfaces of your home.  A lot of homes in The Commons can have 3 or 4 different types of surfaces.  It is important that you choose someone like us with the experience and knowledge of how to clean properly. We also provide pressure washing services for driveways and other surface’s that may need that.

Feel free to call or text us at 281-853-8697 and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote.


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Homeowners preparing to sell need to know that roof appearance determines curb appeal.  Surveys show that roof appearance and upkeep shapes 40% of curb appeal perception. Many potential buyers make a decision not to purchase a home based upon the condition of the roof and its appearance. If you have your roof cleaned before placing your home on the market, you greatly enhance your chances of selling your home for your desired value in the timely manner. Let me repeat that 40% of curb appeal is based upon the appearance and upkeep of your roof!


Stop and think about the vision of your roof through the eyes of potential buyers. What if they see dark stains, streaks and moss or lichen living and growing on the roof? If they see all kinds of evidence of wildlife settled in and enjoying residence on your roof, how will they respond? What if they see piles and piles of debris, pinestraw, leaves and branches gathered in corners and creating stains of their own? In many cases, they will not even take the next step to look at the inside if they see a dirty, neglected roof on the outside!


Even if the rest of the house is in fantastic shape, they know that roof replacement is a major expense! In many cases, they will negotiate the cost of roof replacement into the final sales price of the home. So presenting a home with a roof that’s in great shape is paramount to making the sale! On average, the cost of cleaning your roof is 10% of the cost of roof replacement. Think about this for a moment. You can replace your roof for about $15,000, or you can have it professionally cleaned for $1500. We recommend having it cleaned!

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Roof Cleaning in Spring, Texas



Spring, Texas has a very long and interesting history, which makes roof cleaning here a priority. This unique community has come a long way since its beginnings in 1836 when the town had about 150 residents. Farming was the main industry in those early years, which included sugar cane, cotton and vegetables. With the addition of a railroad, mills, a post office, a church and a bank, Spring grew.  By 1912, Spring had approximately 1200 residents.  Bonnie and Clyde supposedly once robbed the bank in Spring, Texas in the 1930’s.  Later, Spring, Texas became the home to Goodyear’s airship America, also known as the Goodyear Blimp. Today, Spring, Texas boasts a population of over 55,000 people with many older homes being fully restored. This quaint town with a rich history has attracted many tourists who enjoy the newly formed Old Town shopping area.


As tourists drive through Spring, Texas neighborhoods, roof cleaning becomes even more important.  It’s a priority of maintaining the beauty and charm of this unique community. AFFORDABLE ROOF CLEANING OF TEXAS can help protect the Spring charm and beauty with our soft wash approach to roof cleaning. We do not pressure wash the roof because of the damage caused by the high pressure “blasting away” of stains and streaks. The problem is this method also “blasts away” the surface of the roof itself, which shortens the life cycle of the roof and voids the manufactures warranty. ARCOT utilizes soft washing for roof cleaning, which does not damage the roof.  By gently applying cleaning solutions with less pressure than a garden hose, no damage occurs.  We allow ample time for deep penetration of the cleaning solutions to lift streaks and stains while killing algae spores.  These simply relocate and always grow back more quickly after pressure washing.  A clean roof looks much better to you, your family and your neighbors.  In addition, the folks flying overhead in the Goodyear Blimp will greatly appreciate it!

Take a look at how we get it done!


ARCOT will be glad to provide a free estimate by simply calling or texting 281-656-6600.

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Are you aware of all the roof cleaning advantages like financial savings and practical benefits?  People are pretty committed to, and enjoy advantages of, regularly cleaning things that are important to them. Just think of how regularly we clean our clothes, bodies, the inside of homes, cars, and our pets. At the same time, one of the most neglected areas for residential cleaning is sitting right on top of your home. The roof seldom gets the kind of focused, regular cleaning that the rest of the property enjoys. We tend to forget about the roof and go about our business without ever noticing its appearance.  But roof cleaning advantages is something all homeowners should consider.

Roof Cleaning Advantages


Many families these days are looking for more and more ways to achieve financial savings. But what many families do not realize is how much money can be saved through regularly scheduled roof cleaning. You could potentially save thousands of dollars in pre mature roof replacement costs from our SOFT WASH process. This is because the life span of the roof is greatly shortened when it is not well maintained and cleaned through the years. Insurance companies have been known to threaten to cancel policies for neglecting roof maintenance. The dark stains and streaking attracts and retains heat, which increases energy cost and decreases efficiency. In addition, mold and mildew left unchecked results in greater sickness caused by air born pathogens. This slightly drives up health care expenditures, which could also contribute to the spread of mold inside the home.  So roof cleaning results in significant financial savings.


Aside from financial savings, there is also the practical side of roof cleaning benefits. Neighbors notice and appreciate the more pleasant view from their perspective. In fact, some neighbors are even inspired to them have their own roof cleaned, which benefits the entire neighborhood. The property values of the entire neighborhood is greatly increased if everyone has a clean roof!  If everyone does it, we’re all being good neighbors!  In addition, there is the greater sense of pride and joy you feel in your own home as you come and go. And, when you have regularly scheduled roof cleaning annually or every two years, it’s a NEVER DIRTY ROOF!  Subscribe to our YouTube channel today for more roof cleaning insight.

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